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There is one man in the world of vintage Rolex Day-Date Replica who stands out. Eric Ku, a Rolex Day-Date Replica dealer of immense importance on the globe known for his unrivalled expertise and absolute integrity, is renowned for both. In 2012, he took the reigns of the Vintage Rolex Day-Date Replica Forum and has been involved in many watch-related businesses around the world. He also loves fine food, sports cars and fine wine. I am honoured to be able to call Eric a great friend and I recently caught up with Eric to discuss watchesand fine things of life.

Ku has been a watch lover since he was a child, and especially analogue mechanical watches. He credits his father for sparking his interest in watches: "Although he isn't much of a collector, he had a Rolex Day-Date Replica, and I have fond memories of sneaking up to my parents' bedroom and playing with his watches. I remember buying my first vintage watch in college around 1997 - a Rolex Day-Date Replica 'Red' Submariner. The watch cost me $2,500 at the time, which was a huge amount of money. "The watch has long been gone, but my memory of that hunt is still vivid."

Ku is drawn to Rolex Day-Date Replica by the stories that surround the models and watches. He says he loves history. He confesses, "I've always been fascinated by the history of the brand." Its sponsorship of historical feats of endurance and the quality product. Rolex Day-Date Replica watches have always been associated with exploration. From conquering Everest's peaks to diving to the Mariana Trench's depths, Rolex Day-Date Replica watches were always present. Replica Watches has always impressed me with its quality and durability, despite the long history of the company.

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Ku, who has been in business for many years, has owned a number of "grail" Rolex Day-Date Replicaes. He owns so many that it is difficult to choose his favorite. Ku says that after having owned, sold, and bought so many watches it's hard to pick out a favorite. Over time, I've learned that I place more value on condition than rarity. I've been lucky to collect a collection of NOS watches. It's a small collection, but it should continue to grow. It is truly amazing to see a NOS 1950s watch and know how it was supposed to look when the piece left the factory."

Ku wants to share his love for pristine watches with clients.IWC Replica Watches He says: "Increasingly, it's all about the condition. There is no comparison between a great watch and an average one. Ku also wants to emphasize that watches are meant to be enjoyed and worn. She says: "Some collectors buy items as if it were a check-list, but I don't like this approach." A watch is meant to be worn and enjoyed, not for its collectability, or what other people might think. It should make you smile every time you look at it.