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Ku specializes in finding vintage watches that are still owned by their original owners. Herecalls says that "one of the best watches was a NOS6542 GMT, which the original owner bought in the late 50s for his newborn child." It had been in a safe that belonged to both the father and the son, who inherited it after his father died. The time capsule was a true treasure, with all the paperwork, boxes, receipts, etc. It literally took my breath away. I get excited just thinking about it. It currently resides in a very important collection, and I believe it will continue to'sleep" there for a long period of time."

Ku purchased the Vintage Rolex Submariner Replica Forum in 2012. It is the most popular vintage Rolex Submariner Replica website on the internet and one that I've been contributing to for years. Why did Ku, who was already very successful, feel that it was so important to get involved? Ku says that VRFi is one of the best resources for vintage Rolex Submariner Replica enthusiasts. He's proud to be the custodian. It has existed since the beginning of the internet, and has seen many lively discussions over the years. VRF has been the home of many amazing watches that have been shared and discovered. Many facts we now consider common knowledge were first researched, discussed, debated and verified right here. It's a valuable tool for everyone and I take my role as steward of this history very serious. "I want to make sure that VRFwill be available for everyone to enjoy and use."www.rolexperhot.com

A pair of screw-down "Newmans". The "Sotto", 6263, and other 6263s

Rare 1950s Oyster manual-wind with guilloche and coronet hour marks

Rolex Submariner Replica Precisions: More than Oysters

Beyond the Crown

Ku is a true watch enthusiast, but he's not just into Rolex Submariner Replica. He has a passion for a wide range of brands, from the largest manufacturers to small one-man shops. He says, "Recently, I've become very passionate about Cartier." "It's amazing to me that in the 1980s the auction kings were early Cartiers. Over time, they lost popularity as people began to prefer large watches with complex movements. Cartiers' genius was in their design, and I think that is as important as any mechanical complexity. Design like the Tank Cintree is timeless and you can see how a Cintree made 100 years ago still looks relevant.

Ku continues to explain the growing market for undiscovered and emerging watches. This has led to renewed interest in other brands and marques. As you can see, there is a tremendous interest in chronographs and dive watches of other brands. I believe that we buy watches to reflect our own personal taste in design, regardless of the brand. Buy what youlike whether Rolex Submariner Replicaornot,andyoucan't go wrong."

Porsche and Rolex Submariner Replica - two passions that collide

Ku is involved in a number of projects and collaborations, including 10PastTen - his most well-known outlet selling vintage Rolex Submariner Replica watches. He says, "I have my hands in many other pies." I'm a co-founder of a company in Asia that sells vintage watches.Zenith Replica Watches In 2016, I started Los Angeles Watchworks, a high-end repair and restoration company. This is a project that I am very passionate about as we know it's hard to find a good watchmaker.

Ku is a car enthusiast and a noted gourmet, but he also has a wide range of non-horological hobbies. He laughs, "I'm an admitted glutton who enjoys a good meal or wine every now and then." "To me, wine and food are like art. What you put in your mouth is a reflection on the artist's creativity, genius and hard work. It doesn't matter if you are in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris or a hawker center in Singapore. Good food should make everyone smile, regardless of the price.